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Your business is operating in a virtual reality world—are your cybersecurity defenses prepared?

We’ve been socialized to think of virtual reality in terms of avatars and simulated senses used to explore fantasy landscapes or historical times. But the truth is, most of us are working in a virtual reality world right now. Data is stored in the cloud, we manage massive industrial operations remotely from control centers and the impact of Covid-19 demonstrates that many businesses could continue to operate with workers connecting remotely from home. This is our generation’s industrial revolution.

In this podcast with Mark Sangster, vice president and industry security strategist for eSentire, we explore how digital distribution means decision making now favors the front office, which leaves IT and security leaders on the hook to deliver after the fact. This shift shines a light on the fact that clear communication and collaboration between IT and the Board is imperative as they work together to reduce new risks from sophisticated cyber criminals and state-sponsored actors ready to exploit vulnerabilities introduced by remote workforce models and chaos caused by Covid-19 and geopolitical events.... Listen to the full podcast now!