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Securing the New Normal - Ensuring Enterprise Security for a Remote Workforce

As millions of people began to work from home earlier this year with the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, malicious actors started targeting remote workers with phishing and scam emails and attacking the remote access applications, services, and endpoints deployed to support remote employees. As enterprises extended their systems and IT environments to a larger volume of remote workers, the potential attack surfaces that adversaries could exploit increased exponentially. Now that it is apparent that the majority of the workforce will remain remote, what are the security needs that should be considered in this new normal? Join Chris Kubic, (former NSA CISO) and current CISO at Fidelis Cybersecurity, as he answers this and other questions.

Discussion topics will include: What lessons have we learned during the last several months of shifting fully to remote work? What are the enemies focusing on now, especially as it seems certain that telework is here to stay for most of the workforce? For enterprises where employees will split their time between an office and home, how can enterprises plan to secure both worlds (WFH and office)? What types of organizational revamping and BYOD policies are needed in the new normal? ...Listen to the full episode now!