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2021 Security Predictions from Former NSA CISO

After a year that no one could have predicted, what should IT security leaders expect to see as the world moves toward 2021? 2020 forced dramatic shifts and quick changes - those that were able to adapt accordingly set up their enterprises and security teams for better protection. Those that lagged found themselves in a state of vulnerability, uncertainty, and overwhelming concerns. However, if equipped with the right security forecast and insights, IT security leaders can get ahead of preparations and gain a more positive outlook in the new year.

Join Chris Kubic, Fidelis Cybersecurity CISO (former CISO of NSA), as he shares his thoughts on cybersecurity trends for 2021, including what he sees as: The biggest impacts to the IT security industry in 2021; The greatest cyber threats in the coming year and which will cause the greatest harm; The security solutions that will be most critical to combating these cyber threats

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