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Harness the Power of Data Analytics to Accelerate your Agile DevOps Transformation in 2021

Plandek is a BI and Analytics platform (and related continuous self-improvement methodology) to help large IT teams deliver Agile technology projects more productively and predictably. Plandek works closely with IT leadership faced with the challenge of managing complex Agile IT teams and delivering against the ever-increasing expectations of the business.

Plandek works by mining the data history from dev teams’ toolsets (e.g. Jira, Git) to reveal and track levers (right down to the team and individual level), that are highly predictive of project velocity and timing - in order to significantly improve Agile project outcomes. These metrics are often not visible or accurate with current toolsets. Plandek is working with a wide range of organisations, to track and actively manage these metrics, to improve performance.

Plandek is a practical management tool that is used at all levels within the IT team (team leader to CTO) to manage project delivery more efficiently (the day job); and drive and measure progress in clients’ ongoing Agile Continuous Self-Improvement programmes (the longer-term challenge).

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